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Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

Gift Ideas for Your Book Club

Has your book club decided this is the year for a gift exchange? While a book is always a solid choice, you’re looking for something a little more unique. Or perhaps you are frantically searching for a gift for that book lover in your life who seems easy to please, but you know what they really want is a gift sprinkled with the magic of Hogwarts and as unique as Mr. Darcy’s love. (Raises hand guiltily).
Here’s a list of such fun and unique gifts for book lovers and book clubs that you’ll have whomever you’re shopping for, smiling from ear to ear.

Easy Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and Dumplings

I’ve tried a lot of chicken and dumplings and, let me tell you, these rank at the top. The chicken, long-simmered, creates a flavorful, rich broth that makes a huge difference in this dish. The result is a hearty soup, layered with flavors, and topped by cooked-to-perfection dumplings.



You’ll love this soup chock full of potatoes, beets, and beef! This recipe for Borscht was kindly provided by Erin Litteken and is her great-grandmother’s recipe for the Ukrainian dish! Given the devastating current events in Ukraine, you might be wishing to read more about the country and its people. If so, The Memory Keeper of Kyiv is the perfect choice.
The Memory Keeper of Kyiv is a dual-timeline novel. It follows a young woman and her family as they deal with Stalin’s invasion and the resulting famine in the 1930s and her granddaughter as she comes to term with her own losses and seeks to reconnect with her family heritage in the early 2000s.

Borani Banjan

Borani Banjan

Borani Banjan is a traditional Afghan dish made with fried eggplant, spicy onions, and stewed tomatoes. Topped with creamy yogurt, it’s a real treat!
This recipe was provided by Jeannee Sacken, author of Double Exposure, a novel about Afghanistan.