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Find gifts for the readers in your life who enjoy finding, reading, and discussing new books including many options besides just books!

Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

Gift Ideas for Your Book Club

Has your book club decided this is the year for a gift exchange? While a book is always a solid choice, you’re looking for something a little more unique. Or perhaps you are frantically searching for a gift for that book lover in your life who seems easy to please, but you know what they really want is a gift sprinkled with the magic of Hogwarts and as unique as Mr. Darcy’s love. (Raises hand guiltily).
Here’s a list of such fun and unique gifts for book lovers and book clubs that you’ll have whomever you’re shopping for, smiling from ear to ear.

20 Christmas Gifts for Hallmark Fans Who Love to Read

20 Christmas Gifts for Hallmark Fans Who Love to Read

The air is cooler. The leaves are turning vibrant colors. You’ve been given the green light to order a variety of spiced items–pumpkin, apple, cinnamon–without being publicly shamed. You’re looking forward to the holidays that are just around the corner. The shopping, the family, the food. In truth, what you are really looking forward to are the nights spent in cozy pajamas beneath a pile of blankets watching the endless stream of Hallmark Christmas movies.