5 Awesome Online Communities for Book Lovers

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Awesome Online Communities for Book Lovers
Awesome Online Communities for Book Lovers
Awesome Online Communities for Book Lovers
Awesome Online Communities for Book Lovers
Awesome Online Communities for Book Lovers
Awesome Online Communities for Book Lovers

Well, the world’s turned on it’s end lately. Things just aren’t the way they’ve always been. While we’re all hopeful that life as we’ve known it will get back to normal soon, the truth is that this “novel” Coronavirus will forever change us. How? It may be a decade before we realize all the ways.

But, one thing’s for sure. People need people. And, while we’re at home, you may be desperately missing not only other family members, friends, and coworkers, but those savvy sisters (and brothers) who challenge and encourage you every month with stimulating conversation around the one thing you all love–books.

While you shouldn’t cut the cord to your local book club, maybe this crazy time could open your eyes to other online outlets you wouldn’t have explored if you weren’t isolated, tired of looking at Covid-19 memes, and desperate for some intellectual tete-a-tete. That said, there are plenty of opportunities for readers to share the love. Let me share some of the best online communities for book lovers and a few ways you can connect online with other readers.

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I admit that I am not the best at posting new content on Instagram. Still, I get on almost every day and connect with other readers and authors via the platform.


If you are an avid reader and you aren’t on Instagram, you should definitely check it out. The number of books some people read in a year is astounding and inspirational. These people read and read A LOT. And, they love to discuss their books. If you’re new to Bookstagram or Instagram in general, try these hashtags to find other bookworms:

Bookstagram hashtags

  • #bookstagram
  • #bibliophile
  • #bookclub
  • #bookworm
  • #bookcommunity
  • #booknerd
  • #readersofinstagram
  • #amreading
  • #bookfriends
  • #readingchallenge
  • #booklover
  • #ilovereading

These are just a few of the hashtags used by the community, but, as you’ll find, they will open the door to a vibrant and encouraging online community that you’re sure to love.

The Book Club Kit
Plus get The Book Club Kit!


Maybe you’ve been weary to join an online book club (which we’ll discuss in a minute) or a book of the month service, but did you know that Goodreads has Groups?

If you don’t have a Goodreads account, it’s absolutely free. Not only is it a great way to keep track of all the books you’ve read and your ratings and thoughts, but you can see what other people thought of books on your to-be-read list. In addition, you’ll find like minded and passionate readers in the Community–>Groups area.

Goodreads Groups How-to
Goodreads Groups How-to

There you can search through the listed Groups for groups of readers with similar reading tastes. To see if a Group is right for you, read the description, check tags, view what the Group is currently reading, and skim through some of the posted discussions. If it’s right for you, you can join by clicking Join the Group.

Goodreads Groups How-to
Goodreads Groups How-to

You’ll then find any joined groups under My Groups in the Community–>Groups area. You’ll also see alerts for discussions and notifications for your Groups in the top far right next to your profile.

To check out some of the most popular Goodreads groups, read my extensive post on Online Book Clubs!

Goodreads is a great online resource where you can chat about books you have read or are currently reading with other book lovers. If you join a group, you aren’t required or pressured to read their monthly selections, but you can still participate in discussion. In addition, most groups take votes for monthly selections, so your voice is heard and important. Check it out, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Other Lesser Known Online Book Communities

While Goodreads is the most well-known book community, if you’ve tried it and it isn’t your thing, there are several other established book communities you should check out. Here are a few others you should look into.

Library Thing

Library Thing – This free online community has similar features to Goodreads. You can catalog your book list and review them. But you can also connect to libraries. In addition, you can share your book list and view other’s lists to see if you’re a good “book match.” Like Goodreads, there are lots of discussion/book club groups, but there are also forums for random topics. With over 2 million members, you know they’re doing something right.


Book Likes – This community has many of the features we’ve seen on Goodreads and Library Thing, but the platform is a more visually pleasing experience. With an actual virtual book shelf for your books and the option to blog your thoughts, you might enjoy this unique platform if you’re an especially visual and creative person.


Riffle Books – Riffle Books is an online community that visually lies somewhere between Goodreads and Facebook. You can connect with other friends (yours or new), sign up for alerts on author deals, and like or comment on the feed in your home area.

While everything we’ve talked about so far has been an online community format, meaning readers getting together to talk about their love of reading and books in general, next I’m going to discuss Online Book Clubs. These differ in the fact that everyone joins together to talk about a specific book each month, much like your local book club.

Online Book Clubs

Online book clubs are everywhere these days. It seems that almost every celebrity is creating a book club. So, good news, your passion is very vogue right now. Below, I’m going to quickly list some of the most well-known book clubs, but you’ll be able to find more in my post where I delve deeper into these.

First, you should know that the Goodreads groups I mentioned above are essentially online book clubs. What I’ll be talking about here are more “curated” book clubs. Meaning, you’ll get alot of professionally tailored extras (think interviews, histories, and even recipes), but you have no, or little, say in the book choice. Most conversations take place elsewhere on social media platforms, which is okay, but may not be your forte. Still, reading the same book as others and having the ability to connect via social media gives you the opportunity to interact with other readers when face-to-face meetings aren’t possible.

Online Book Clubs

Here are just three online book clubs, check out my full length post to view more and learn the features available!

Oprah’s Book Club – The book club that may have started it all. We’ve all heard about this one. You can connect with her other readers on the associated Instagram account. There is also a Goodreads group that claims to be the official discussion group, but the discussions are often slammed with spammers who just want to tell you about their own publication. Still, Oprah usually picks character-driven reads that are worth reading.

Andrew Luck Book Club – That’s right. The NFL quarterback is an avid reader and, after some jesting, decided to start an actual book club. The book club which is active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, chooses two picks a month. One pick for the “Rookies” (aka younger readers) and one pick for the “Veterans” (aka adults). And, don’t think Andrew Luck doesn’t know his books. His list includes everything from Turtles All the Way Down to Hillbilly Elegy to Pulitzer Prize Winners. He’s also got a podcast where he talks about his picks!

Andrew Luck Book Club on Instagram
Andrew Luck Book Club on Instagram

Hello Sunshine – Reese Witherspoon’s book club has been making waves and picking winners the last several years. Some of her big picks include Where the Crawdads Sing, Little Fires Everywhere, The Alice Network and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. You can connect with other readers in the book club on Goodreads, Facebook, and Instagram.

Book Box Subscriptions

Maybe none of the above options is really your thing. If not, have you heard of Book Box Subscriptions? They are monthly box subscriptions that usually cost between $10-$40 a month.

Maybe you’ve heard of Stitch Fix, the service that collects your preferences and sizes and sends you perfectly tailored clothes that you’re sure to love? Book Box Subscriptions are basically the same thing for book lovers. Excited yet? Well, you better sit down because these boxes usually feature not only books you’ll love but adorable book lover swag, too. So, if you love coffee cups, t-shirts, and cozy socks with your to-be-read, this may be the match for you.

Again, I’ll go into more detail about these awesome subscription services in another post, but for now, here are three you’ll love:

Book Box Subscriptions

Book of the Month Instagram
Book of the Month Instagram

Book of the Month – This subscription bridges the gap between Online Book Club and Book Box Subscription. This service actually started almost a century ago and has now become a favorite of book bloggers and reviewers. They feature 5 books you can choose from each month for around $15 a month and, while there’s no direct discussion board, you can find thousands of readers on their Instagram account or by searching for the #bookofthemonth hashtag.

Once Upon a Book Club – This delightful subscription box features a book with 3-5 gifts that you open as you read the book at carefully selected moments to create an interactive experience. You can also connect with other readers via a live discussion on selected dates.

Peace & Pages – This subscription features a book from your genre of choice along with unique relaxation gifts (think candles and bath salts) from small businesses in the U.S.

Coffee and a Classic – The perfect combo to curl up and read. This subscription includes a classic title, a mug, and a hot beverage with the choice of additional treats.

In summary:

I hope this article has encouraged you that there are plenty of virtual options for connecting with other readers when face-to-face interaction isn’t possible for whatever reason. If you haven’t tried one of these book loving communities, or you’ve tried one but it hasn’t worked, consider this list of some of the best online communities for book lovers and choose something new to try!

Have you found any online communities for book lovers that you think are fantastic? Please share in the comments. I’d love to hear about them!

Until next time, Happy Reading!

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. In the event of a sale, I will be awarded a small commission (at no extra cost to you or the featured book’s author). All opinions are 100% mine and every book, unless otherwise noted, is handpicked by me to be featured on the site.

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