10 Novels about Texas Your Book Club Will Love

Novels about Texas Your Book Club Will Love

As a native Texan, I sometimes forget there’s a sort of obsessive fantasy about the state. It’s a place where laws are meant to be broken, the people are as tough as nails, and everyone rides a horse. Those ideals are only partially true. While most of the people here are a tough breed and I have seen a horse or two ride through a fast food drive-thru (seriously), we aren’t all rebels and renegades and, like anywhere else, there is a diversity of people who call Texas home.

Awesome Online Communities for Book Lovers

5 Awesome Online Communities for Book Lovers

While you shouldn’t cut the cord to your local book club, maybe this crazy time could open your eyes to other online outlets you wouldn’t have explored if you weren’t isolated and desperate for some intellectual tete-a-tete. That said, there are plenty of opportunities for readers to share the love. Let me share some of the best online communities for book lovers and a few ways you can connect online with other readers.

12 Online Book Clubs to Join Now

12 Online Book Clubs to Join Now

Whether you’re stuck at home due to a sickness, a surgery, a new baby, or a mixed bag of reasons, you’re probably missing the interaction with people you love, including your book club. But, don’t fret, there are many ways to connect with other book lovers online, including Online Book Clubs!Book clubs are everywhere these days. It seems that almost every celebrity is creating a book club. So, good news, your passion for books is very vogue right now. And, better news, because it is, there are a plethora of virtual options to keep you connected with other readers online when you’re unable to meet in person.