Elizabeth is Missing Book Club Food Ideas

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Elizabeth is Missing Book Club Questions and Recipe
Elizabeth is Missing Book Club Questions and Recipe
Elizabeth is Missing Book Club Questions and Recipe
Elizabeth is Missing Book Club Questions and Recipe

If you haven’t checked out the previous post in the series where I share my thoughts on Elizabeth is Missing and a fun activity idea for your book club, check out that post HERE.

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In this post, I’ll review the premise of Elizabeth is Missing and share some great food ideas for your book club based on the book.

Elizabeth is Missing

Here’s a brief summary of Elizabeth is Missing:

In present day England, Maud is slowly losing her memory and her independence, but she won’t let it stop her from finding out exactly where her best friend, Elizabeth, has gone. Certain that Elizabeth is in grave danger, she resolves to find her despite the fact that no one–not her daughter or son, not the police, nor Elizabeth’s son–will listen to her.

Armed with notes to jog her memory, Maud delves deeper into the mystery of Elizabeth’s whereabouts, but the clues seem to lead her further and further into the past, to the disappearance of her sister, Sukey, shortly after WWII.

As Maud’s memories from over fifty years before come back with renewed clarity, Sukey’s disappearance and Elizabeth’s intersect in unexpected ways.

Keep reading for great food ideas for your book club!

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Elizabeth is Missing Book Club Questions and Recipe
Elizabeth is Missing Book Club Questions and Recipe

Elizabeth is Missing Food Ideas:

Elizabeth is Missing is a novel with so much food mentioned that it was a little hard to get everything down! I love books with lots of sensory details like smells and tastes of food. Don’t you?  

Here are a few food ideas from the pages of Elizabeth is Missing:

  • Chapter 1 – Maud goes to the store and once again buys too many cans of peach slices
  • Chapter 2 – Maud and Helen eat at the Olive Grill where Maud reads the menu aloud – French onion soup, Tomato-and-mozarella salad, Garlic mushrooms, Parma ham and melon, and finally asks about Chorizo-stuffed summer squash
  • Chapter 3 – Maud’s father brings home hot fish and chips with vinegar for what will be the last family meal with Sukey
  • Chapter 6 – Maud wants some toast and a boiled egg and forgets she’s left the gas on at the stove
  • Chapter 9 – Maud falls ill after Sukey’s disappearance and eats thin soup with dry toast or creamed rice until she’s strong enough for a mutton chop
  • Chapter 9 – Maud stews apples and tries to steam open a letter from Sukey to Douglas
  • Chapter 17 – The mad woman’s salad that she had been gathering when she died – stripped hawthorn twigs, red nasturtium flowers, brooklime and dandelion leaves, honeysuckle, watercress and lemon balm and a squash flower
  • Chapter 18 – Maud, her mother, Douglas, and Frank all make blackberry jam together

In case you are new here, for almost every book I create a companion recipe in addition to listing all the food options from the pages of the novel.

For Elizabeth is Missing, I reviewed the many possibilities and finally settled on chorizo stuffed summer squash because summer squash played such a large role in the book.

Almost every character talks about summer squash in one way or another throughout the book and since chorizo-stuffed summer squash is specifically mentioned in the restaurant scene with Helen, I thought it would be a perfect choice.

Living in Texas, chorizo is easy to find at the local grocery. However if you can’t find it near you, you can substitute it for an Italian crumbled sausage.

If you’d like to make something with peaches or blackberries, check out this recipe for peaches and cream cookies and this one for cream cheese brownies with blackberry swirl!

For the complete Chorizo Stuffed Summer Squash recipe, click HERE!

Chorizo and Ricotta Stuffed Summer Squash
Chorizo and Ricotta Stuffed Summer Squash


In addition to the full recipe, this series of posts for Elizabeth is Missing also includes ten book club questions curated just for book clubs. You can find Book Club Questions for Elizabeth is Missing by clicking HERE.

And you can find a fun activity for your book club HERE!

Have you read Elizabeth is Missing? What did you think? Did it satisfy you or were you left wishing for more? What are some similar books you’ve read?

Until next time, Happy Reading!

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